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Elastic building support close to an ICE railway line

New Project
Building sites are increasingly being allocated close to railway lines due to a shortage of building space. However, railway traffic causes vibrations and secondary airborne noise, which have a negative impact on the buildings and their residents.

DAGA 2022

Focus on sound insulation system Cisilent® Type E

This year's DAGA 2022 - 48th Annual Conference on Acoustics will take place in Stuttgart from 21 - 24 March. The venue will be the University of Stuttgart on the Vaihingen campus. Here, numerous exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their solutions in the fields of acoustics, sound insulation and vibration control to interested visitors. The exhibition will be rounded off by expert presentations on a wide range of topics in acoustics.

Lecture "Bearings in precast concrete construction" - important training module for prospective precast concrete fitters

Currently, the training for precast concrete fitters is taking place at the AWZ Bau in Kreuztal near Siegen. In 4 modules of 45 lessons each, employees from precast concrete factories and/or assembly companies are trained to assemble precast elements on construction sites professionally and without errors in a course that is unique in Germany.

Effective sound insulation for chiller units with Cisilent® Type E

Our Irish partner SDG Construction Technology effectively reduced noise pollution from new chiller units with Cisilent® Type E at the site of Lakeland Dairies, a large dairy processing co-operative in Northern Ireland.

Elastic building decoupling in the Regensburger Viertel in Nuremberg

In 2021, a new construction project was realised in the Regensburger Viertel in Nuremberg. The new quarter consists of flats, commercial units and social facilities and is in the immediate vicinity of railway lines.

Masaryk Center construction project in Prague - Impressions

In close cooperation with our Czech partner Jordahl & Pfeifer, Calenberg's elastomeric bearings Cisador® and Civerso were used for the elastic building decoupling in the construction project "Masaryk Center".

Without cracks! Secure connection between wall and ceiling with Cigular® EcoLine slab bearing

Concrete is alive. During the setting process, concrete creeps and shrinks, influencing the load-bearing behaviour of the load-bearing walls. In the process, the ceiling moves by millimetres, which causes cracks in the masonry. Repairing them is time-consuming and cost intensive. To counteract the risk of cracks, Calenberg Ingenieure has developed an innovative product: The Cigular® EcoLine slab bearing.

Thermal separation with compact core bearings

Maintaining continuous thermal building envelopes by using compact core bearings in cantilever constructions.

Cisilent® Type E as a sound insulation measure in industrial areas

At the end of 2020, the Kassler schuh architects planned the acoustic decoupling of a technical stage that is suspended from the steel construction of the hall. The noise from the aggregates interferes with the testing work that is carried out under the stage.

Calenberg is part of the 23rd BIBM Congress 2021 in Copenhagen

BIBM is the major precast concrete industry platform which can deal with European-wide issues.
Focus of the upcoming BIBM Congress will be on The Future of European Construction - Precast Excellence in Nordic Countries.
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