Another segment of structural dynamics focuses on vibration-isolated installation for machines and system installations. Here too, elastomeric bearings are used for elastic decoupling to reduce dynamic stress loads. Impacts can cause unwanted vibrations and/or excitations from machines, ventilation and air conditioning units and other engineering systems while they are in operation. The energy this generates carries structure-borne sound waves into building structures and produces noticeable tremors and secondary air-borne sound, impairing living and workplace comfort in adjacent spaces.
Source isolation is used in such situations. A vibration-isolated installation greatly reduces the transmission of dynamic forces into building structures.
Another area of use is isolation for highly sensitive system installations against tremors and vibrations in surrounding areas (passive isolation). Calenberg also offers tailor-made solutions for such applications.

Advantages of a vibration-isolated installation:
  • Reduction of tremors and secondary airborne noise
  • Reduction of wear on isolated machines
  • Reduction of damage to the protected building structure

To minimise dynamic stress loads, Calenberg offers the following solutions for vibration isolation of machines and plants among others:
  • Direct decoupling of machines (without machine base)
  • Decoupling of machine bases

Direct decoupling of machines

Decoupling of machine bases

Do you have any questions about elastic decoupling?
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We can also offer you vibration insulation with steel spring elements under the product brand from LISEGA SE for special applications.
You will find more information on the LISEGA website.

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Vibration-isolated installation of turbines

Vibration-isolated installation of pumps

Vibration-isolated installation of blowers

Vibration-isolated installation of coal pulverisers


Vibration-isolated installation of forging hammers

Vibration-isolated installation of forming presses

Vibration-isolated installation of gas and diesel generators

Vibration-isolated installation of testing machines




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