Noise control along railway lines

Cisilent® Type G was developed for use along high-speed lines. A noise barrier essentially consists of a concrete base with aluminium or concrete sound insulation elements placed on top.
These components are inserted into fixed steel girders. Cisilent® Type G replaces rigid filling elements with a bend-resistant yet pliant open GRP shell, into which suitably manufactured Cisilent® absorption cushions are affixed with adhesive. This allows span widths up to 5 m for speeds of up to 450 km/h.
In addition to sound transmission insulation and high absorption, Cisilent® Type G offers the advantage of lightweight load-bearing shells and easy handling during installation. This means Type G is apt for an acoustic upgrade of bridges and elevated railways, the preferred construction type in Asia. Here, Type G is used as a low noise barrier fitted close to the track. As a special construction component, Type G helps to provide absorption surfaces to the load-bearing wall panels on bridge girders.


  • Shell provides pliant response to torsion while remaining rigid when exposed to bending forces
  • Low dynamic magnification factor thanks to high natural frequency with large gap to exciting frequency
  • Light mass per unit area of ≈ 45 kg/m²
  • Low stress loads on structure ensures long lifespan
  • Corrosion-free, no leakage current
  • No maintenance required
  • Smooth surfaces means graffiti is easily removed
  • Weatherproof and heat- and ozone-resistant
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Manual handling possible on construction site




Description, application

Cisilent® Type G comprises a GRP shell into which suitably manufactured Cisilent® absorption cushions are affixed with adhesive.
With proven performance over many years, the mesh fabric comes with a 10-year material warranty and protects the internal mineral fibre filling.
The flexible Cisilent® absorption cushions imitate the movements of the supporting shell.
Dimensions are determined specifically for each project. Preferred height of the GRP shell 25-75 cm with a ribbing depth of around 16 cm.