Housing and infrastructures are constantly being built closer to one another more frequently due to expanding urbanisation, so that vibration protection is becoming more and more important. As a result, buildings are increasingly exposed to mechanical vibrations from adjacent roads, railway lines and industrial plants, which are transmitted into the buildings requiring protecting via the ground.
These vibrations continue inside building structures, where they are perceived as vibrations and secondary air-borne sound by occupants and are detrimental to living and workplace comfort. What’s more, vibrations can affect the correct functioning of machines and measuring devices within a building. In extreme cases, they can even cause damage to the building.
Calenberg provides various solutions for vibration protection with elastomeric bearings for this segment of structural dynamics (receiver insulation). These solutions reliably reduce vibrations and secondary airborne noise effectively to the legal requirements.

Ultimately, this ensures optimum living and workplace comfort and provides active protection for the building fabric and the technical systems located in the building.
Calenberg Ingenieure offers elastomeric bearings with precisely definable tuning frequencies with the isolating effect matched to specific requirements to ensure vibrations and secondary airborne noise are reduced effectively.
Calenberg’s dynamic elastomeric bearings can be used to provide solutions such as the following:
  • Horizontal and vertical vibration protection of structural elements in contact with soil (base plates, underground walls)
  • Vibration protection of above-ground structural elements
  • Vibration protection on components such as pile heads (heavy-duty bearings)
  • Slurry walls between the building and source of emission

Vibration protection measures of buildings

Depending on the foundation conditions, buildings can be decoupled with full-surface, strip-shaped or point-shaped isolation formats below the floor slab, the individual foundations or the basement ceiling on the rising walls. Vertical vibration protection is fitted on the side walls which are in contact with the ground. These and other measures are presented below:

Full-surface vibration protection

Strip-shaped vibration protection

Point-shaped vibration protection

Side wall vibration protection

Ceiling vibration protection

Slot wall

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