Environmental protection




Vehicles and machines must be supplied with fuel and refilled in different transport segments, such as cars, trucks, agriculture, construction, airports, truck stops, railways and inland waterways. Refuelling points or stations on company premises are used for this purpose. Refuelling points and stations must meet statutory requirements and conditions, especially in water protection areas, and must be protected against fuel leaks in such a way that contamination of the environment is avoided. The OIL-EX absorption mat can be installed at filling stations to collect any drips and spraying loss produced during refuelling and protect against large fuel losses caused by refuelling accidents, for example. The absorption mat selectively binds hydrocarbons from emulsions. The absorbed liquids remain in the mat and cannot be squeezed or rinsed out. The OILEX absorption mat is also able to withstand mechanical loads, such as those from heavy commercial vehicles. This protects people and the environment effectively from potential damage caused by leaking fuels.

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