Bearings in precast concrete construction

As part of the training for precast concrete fitters, Dipl.-Ing. Jüngel von Calenberg lectured on the importance and application of elastomeric bearings in this field.


Cigular® Slab Bearing EcoLine

You can find out how quick and easy our product is to assemble here

Project: Masaryk in Prag

Impressions of the „Masaryk Center“ construction project in Prague


Learn more why elastomeric bearings are so important in construction

Sandwich bearing Q

The use of the steel-reinforced construction bearing presented in an easy and understandable way

Ciparall® sliding bearing

How the sliding bearing works and how it is used

Compact core bearing

Thermal separation with our compact core bearing

Compactlager S 65 and S 70

How and where to install the unreinforced elastomeric bearings S65 and S70