The tool for planners and structural engineers

CISTA is an online calculation program for Calenberg building authority-approved structural bearings. This support tool is particularly suitable for planners and structural engineers who wish to dimension and optimise their structural bearings themselves. After entering the different loads (design force, horizontal deformation, torsional angle), you can dimension your optimal structural bearing using three different methods and also obtain a detailed result report in PDF format. You then have the option of sending a request for a quote to Calenberg.


  • Time savings
  • Client-specific design
  • Secured access
  • Technical support
  • Easy to use and available free of charge
  • Reliable data


  • Makes it easier to choose structural bearings
  • Bearings with building authority approval

Needless to say, the Structural Bearings team is also available to assist you with a practical design in person.
We are continuing to develop CISTA further and client suggestions are incorporated into each new release.

About CODIN – “ Code your engineering ”

CODIN is a dynamic team of engineers who develop web applications for the construction industry. The company, based in Poland, focuses on the digitalisation of the construction industry. Specifically, it develops digital tools for planners and engineers to simplify their daily tasks and make the selection and use of certain construction systems easier and more convenient. The CODIN team's engineering expertise also increases the value of construction systems by transforming traditional technical documentation into accessible web configurations. This makes products and services more competitive and processes smarter. CODIN engineers were instrumental in the development of our new CISTA web application.

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