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Augsburg Mobility Hub - Installation of a continuous mass-spring system at Augsburg Central Station

Besides extensive modernisation measures of the DB facilities, Augsburg‘s main railway station is being tunnelled under the DB tracks for a tram line to connect local public transport directly and conveniently to regional and long-distance traffic.

The implementation of the project is planned in time shifted construction phases, the completion of which is expected by the end of 2023. For the new double-track tram line, a continuous mass-spring system is planned in the area of the station building and the DB tracks. The highly elastic USM 1000 W sub-ballast mat will be used for the floating slab track. 

To achieve a significant reduction in structure-borne noise and vibrations for the historic station building, the DB track systems and the tunnel structure itself, the FF track support slab is supported on Calenberg USM 1000 W as a floor mat. The mats are delivered from the factory cut to size and laid in sections across the axis of the track. USM G 1023, which is also prefabricated to size, is applied as side mat. The use of prefabricated mat lengths minimises cutting work on site and reduces the construction time of the mass-spring system accordingly.