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Use of the USM 1000 W mass-spring-system in Utrecht

The realisation of the project includes the construction of about 2000 new flats, a tram and bus stop, space for gastronomy, new walking and cycling paths and many intelligent green and sustainable solutions.

This will make the city healthier, livelier, greener, and more sustainable. To protect the surrounding area from vibrations caused by tram traffic, Calenberg‘s USM 1000 W mass-spring-system was used, with a natural frequency of 11 Hz.

To protect the noise-sensitive residential complex from structure-borne noise emissions and vibrations, the durable and maintenance-free USM 1000 W mass-spring-system from Calenberg was installed over an area of 500 sqm. The two-layer installation of the mass-spring system easily meets the specifications and provides optimal protection.