USM 1000 W, USM 2000 + 3000


Made of synthetic and natural rubber, these specially designed USM models with a unique shape are available in various designs and stiffnesses for use at all train speeds and with axle loads up to 250 kN. The conical stud mats are used to provide efficient vibration and structure-borne sound isolation in mass-spring systems to meet vibration mitigation requirements.

The USM models are manufactured using high-grade rubber blends. They have a high mechanical load capacity and are permanently weather-resistant. The mats absorb virtually no water, excel thanks to their high electrical insulation resistance and provide drainage on the mat level.

The USM series is suitable for both ballasted and ballastless track systems. Models with greater stiffness are also used as what are known as transition mats to adapt stiffness in different types of adjoining track sections.

The tests of the USM series were carried out according to DIN 45673-5 and DIN 45673-7.


  • Reduces dynamic wheel forces
  • Reduces the track and vehicle stress load
  • Cuts track maintenance costs
  • No replacements required thanks to high fatigue strength
  • Expected service life min. 60 years
  • Reduces vibrations, structure-borne sound and secondary airborne sound
  • Greater quality of life for residents in surrounding areas
  • Greater travelling comfort
  • Protection for adjacent structures and buildings susceptible to vibrations