The Ciparall® sliding bearing is used in all areas where a point-floating, low-constraint horizontal displacement and a permanently elastic, articulated connecting element is required. The combined sliding and deformation bearing has an independently acting sliding and deformation layer.

The steel-reinforced elastomeric bearing type ST can withstand loads of up to max. 15 N/mm² (characteristic value) regardless of the format. Bearings of different thicknesses can be selected.

The GRP-reinforced elastomer bearing type GRP is format-independent loadable up to max. 21 N/mm² (design value) and is available in a thickness of 14 mm.

The main component of the bearing body is an ageing resistant CR material with a hardness of 70 ± 5 Shore A. The sliding plate is made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). The material is weather and ozone resistant. The material is quality-controlled.

According to DIBt, the general test certificate is valid until approval is granted (has been applied for for type ST).
Approval no. Z-16.2-518, issued by DIBt Berlin for the type GFK.