Railway noise effectively reduced

In order to reduce noise generated by railway rolling stock, Calenberg extends its product range by steel-reinforced rail dampers.

Rail dampers are installed to both sides of the rail. Due to the rail-wheel contact of the running train, the rail oscillates. The rail dampers mitigate the vibrations and thus the sound radiation, too. The product also minimizes corrugation growth, resulting in reduced rail wear and lower maintenance cost.
The rail dampers meet the specifications of all Vignol rail profiles.

Advantages of the product:
Based on their design and the materials used, rail dampers are maintenance-free, heat-resistant and have a long service life.
When they do reach their wear limit, rail dampers can easily be replaced and old ones recycled.

To obtain the most effective noise and vibration mitigation effect, the tuning frequency can be adjusted and customized for each rail profile.