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Filstal Bridge - Elastic Bearings from Calenberg on Germany's Third-Highest Railway Bridge

With the completion of the new Wendlingen-Ulm line as part of the Stuttgart-Ulm project, DB's high-speed rail network has been well expanded.

On the high-speed line with a slab track as permanent way, about 870 directional control bearings from Calenberg have been installed at the transition sections of various railway bridges. The directional control bearings consist of a stainless-steel plate with anchor bars on the back, and weatherproof elastomer vulcanised in a force- and form-fit way onto its front. These special bearings serve to absorb lateral forces and limit minor movements of the system. On railway bridges, our EPDM shear cam pads are installed as elastic layer for absorption of shear- and restraint forces between the base and the permanent way.
The Filstal bridge, built in this section of the line, is the third-highest railway bridge with a height of approx. 85 m. It consists of two parallel single bridge sections, connecting the Boßler Tunnel with the Steinbühl Tunnel over a length of approx. 500 m. We are pleased that our special bearings are in use here.