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New track system in operation at Gera Wiesestraße!

At the beginning of May 2023, the completely renovated track system at Wiesestraße in Gera was officially handed over. The construction project was carried out in four construction phases during ongoing tram operation.

The special feature of the project was the challenge of finding an innovative solution to ensure an effective protection of the residents in the numerous adjacent residential and commercial buildings from noise and vibrations of the passing tram. A mass-spring-system was planned in order to completely isolate the rail track. As part of it, Calenberg supplied the profiled USM 1000 W with its high elastic spring properties. The conical studs work like individual springs and reduce a large part of the arising vibrations.

We are pleased to have contributed with our product to the resident friendly track and congratulate all project participants on the successful completion of this elaborate and exciting Gera tramway section.