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Sound insulation measure in the industrial area

Dr. C. Otto has manufactured refractory products since 1872 at its site in Bochum, with a current annual capacity of 45,000 t.

Below a crane runway, various machines are used to produce moulds. These generate noise and vibrations during operation, so that the employees outside the working areas must be protected from the disturbing airborne noise. Cisilent® Type E is intended as a first measure to improve the acoustics in the hall and absorb airborne noise, while ensuring the continued use of the crane runway.

In order to effectively reduce noise, a self-supporting, extra-stable construction of 3 parallel rails per panel was installed for this construction measure. The construction was additionally suspended in the middle as support. The Cisilent® Type E curtain system consists of one element per rail and allows flexible opening of the individual sections. This project was successfully implemented in cooperation with our partner Kaldeweide, who carried out the installation and provided advice.