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Event Geluid, Trillingen en Luchtkwaliteit

KamPa B.V., Calenberg's Dutch partner company, focused on vibration isolation in the railway and building sector, was represented with a stand together with a Calenberg employee at the 25th congress "Geluid, Trillingen en Luchtkwaliteit" (Sound, Vibration and Air Quality) in Hoevelaken near Amersfoort.

In addition to interesting lectures at the two-day seminar, the congress was characterised by lively panel discussions, especially the topic of heavy goods traffic in the railway area and the resulting problems for people living nearby and neighbouring buildings was discussed very emotionally.
During the breaks in the presentations, long and intensive discussions took place at the KamPa stand, in which numerous current projects were discussed. The wish of the Dutch railways is to retrofit existing lines with vibration protection, even though effective protection (e.g., by means of a mass-spring system) can only be realised retrospectively at enormous expense in terms of time and money.

Both KamPa B.V. and Calenberg Ingenieure are very satisfied with the congress, as many new contacts were made and possibilities for achieving the vibration goals were shown.