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Project Central Point in Warsaw

Central Point is a multi-storey office and service building with 26 floors on a total area of 21,000 m² located in the heart of Warsaw, put into use at 2021/2022. Its attractive location and great communication with the rest of the city is one of the key aspects of this investment.

. At the same time, it contributed several challenges in the field of engineering solutions at the design and execution stage of this facility. Central Point is the only high rise building in Poland located just above the intersection of two metro lines and its structure is partly supported on the metro tunnel. Due to the specific location and structure, working out an optimal and effective material and construction solutions were an engineering challenge. To protect the building against the vibration transmission and propagation of structure-borne noise the first four aboveground storeys of the building are resiliently supported on the subway tunnel structure using Calenberg Cipremont® and Perforated 205-ST bearings. In the expansion joint between the underground structure and the tunnel wall (in the levels of ceilings and the foundation slab), Cipremont® elastomer bearings are used. In close cooperation with our partner - Pfeifer Poland - we managed to meet high demands on protection against vibration.