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Vibration isolation of buildings in Munich

Since 2021, a construction project in Steinerstraße in Munich has been carried out according to plan.

By 2026, apartments and shops with underground parking are to be built on around 21,800 square metres. The site is in the immediate vicinity of the Munich-Wolfratshausen railway line. The results measured on site and modelling show, that measures against the immissions of secondary airborne noise and vibrations from rail traffic are necessary. Furthermore, the aspect of economic benefit is considered.

An optimised solution is the protection against vibrations in the limited area close to the railway line, where it is necessary. For the realisation, the Calenberg products Cibatur® and Cisador® 10 are used for the base bearing and the wall bearing. For the rising basement wall, a combination of Citrigon® and Cibatur® is used as point and strip bearing to provide the best possible vibration protection.