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Young talents at start

in July, two graduates from different universities presented their theses to an interested audience.

Mr. Ossman talked about "Optimisation of bridge noise in railways by elastic elements", focused on Deutsche Bahn AG's strategy 'Strong Rail', the need for complete noise protection in railway traffic and the urgency of sustainable construction. Technical requirements of Calenberg products as well as those of other manufacturers were also presented. As a result, it could be stated that the elastic elements, including the eco-friendly sub ballast mats, react very positively to the vibrations and fulfil noise protection specifications by enabling a safe and comfortable train journey.

Mr. Oexle dealt with the topic "Investigation of the vibration behaviour in track superstructure with several elastic elements". The aim was to find out whether additional elastic elements (rail pads, base plate pads, sleeper soling) have a noticeable influence on the vibration behaviour of a slab track using a mass-spring system. As a result, e.g., a rail pad can be installed to protect the sleeper without significantly changing the vibration of the slab track. In this way, the maintenance intensity of the track superstructure can be reduced.

Calenberg would like to thank both graduates for their exciting presentations and wishes them a successful start to their professional lives. Good news for us: Mr. Ossmann has joined our team in the track department, and we are looking forward to a good cooperation.