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Measurements in Nieuwegein

The new tram line in Nieuwegein has been in operation since 11 July 2022. The centre of the Utrecht suburb is currently undergoing a general overhaul, old buildings have been demolished at the Nieuwegein tram stop, and high-quality apartment buildings are being built for residents who want to use the new fast connection to Utrecht city centre.

To protect the residents of these apartment complexes from tram traffic vibrations, part of the track was constructed as a two-layer mass-spring system (product USM 1000 W). Measurements were carried out on 13 July 2022 and when the results are in they will show how many decibels of vibration reduction were achieved in this section compared to the conventional tram section without vibration insulation. The measurements were conducted by the Belgian company D2S International after being commissioned by Calenberg’s Dutch partner company for the railway sector, Kampa BV. Calenberg was invited by Kampa BV as a consultant and producer of the USM 1000 W and was pleased to be on site with two employees. They were specially trained to inspect the tram danger areas and were able to actively help with the measurements.