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New project in Varel: Sound insulation for Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel

The office for plant engineering Andreas Ziegenbein arranged the increase and extension of an existing production hall of the paper and cardboard factory in Varel and supervised the execution of the work.

After the building shell was largely completed, the existing hall was partially demolished in order to make optimal use of the newly gained space. For this purpose, part of the new façade to be built was left open to carry out the work on the structure of the old hall.

The Cisilent® Type E rental system was used at the boundaries of the areas where the noise of the deconstruction would disturb the workers or the residents. The support structures were the new hall structure or scaffolding needed for the deconstruction. 120 pieces of Cisilent® Type E were in use and were moved according to the progress of the work to maintain noise protection.