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New project in Berlin: EDGE EAST SIDE BERLIN

A 35-storey, 140 m high building with 80,500 m2 of floor space is being built in the centre of Berlin, in a prominent location in the Friedrichshain district, by 2023: EDGE East Side Berlin.

Particular importance was attached to sustainable construction in this project. The company Amazon occupies the majority of the office floors as anchor tenant, giving the building the nickname „Amazon Tower“. Centric load introduction into the columns with simultaneous absorption of the occurring rotations of the ceiling, caused by the span width and the load on the ceiling parts, must be guaranteed to protect against damage. The elastomeric bearings from Calenberg, which are approved by the building authorities, protect the supporting structure. Hundreds of Compact bearings S 65 and Perforated bearings™ Type Z have already been delivered and partly already installed between the columns and the connecting structures. Loads of up to 3000 kN per bearing and rotations of up to 40 ‰ are easily absorbed by our bearings. The high fire protection requirements were met by sheathing with sleeves made of Calenberg Ciflamon. In this way, our bearings maintain the value and building safety for its entire lifetime.