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VDI Baudynamik 2022

Our team is looking forward to the 7th VDI Conference "Building Dynamics" in Würzburg. The event starts on 27 April 2022. Will we see you there?
For the first time, we will be presenting products for effective vibration protection on buildings and rail together with our parent company LISEGA SE on stands 7 and 8.

Increasing building development, traffic and industrialisation trigger vibrations and structure-borne noise. Without appropriate measures to reduce vibrations, these reduce the safety, serviceability, and service life of buildings as well as human well-being.
Find out how you can effectively reduce vibrations and structure-borne noise in the long term with Calenberg elastomeric bearings. The broad product portfolio offers the optimum solution for every load case. LISEGA SE offers perfect vibration protection with customised solutions in the form of spring elements, viscoelastic dampers, and tuned mass dampers.
With the products of our group of companies, you can master the challenge of increasing dynamic loads.