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Elastic building decoupling in the Regensburger Viertel in Nuremberg

In 2021, a new construction project was realised in the Regensburger Viertel in Nuremberg. The new quarter consists of flats, commercial units and social facilities and is in the immediate vicinity of railway lines.

Train traffic causes vibrations and secondary airborne noise in the buildings. Based on vibration measurements on site, the following measures to reduce vibrations and secondary airborne noise have been determined by the expert. The outer walls facing the railway line (and the side walls perpendicular to the railway line) of the basement, with contact to the ground, were to be clad with an elastomer bearing for vibration isolation. It had to be considered that the groundwater is expected to be at approx. -1.5 m below the top of the ground. The Calenberg solution consisted of two elastomeric bearings, Cisador® 10 and Cisador® 80, which are closed-cell EPDM that absorbs practically no water and provides lasting protection against vibrations even in groundwater. Cisador® 10 was used in the upper area of the walls and Cisador® 80 in the lower area of the walls. With this solution, the requirements of the structural dynamics report could be met.