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Cisilent® Type E as a sound insulation measure in industrial areas

At the end of 2020, the Kassler schuh architects planned the acoustic decoupling of a technical stage that is suspended from the steel construction of the hall. The noise from the aggregates interferes with the testing work that is carried out under the stage.

The ventilation system is set up close to the edge of the stage and installation from below is not possible due to the testing equipment set up there. The schuh architects were looking for a solution that would offer a level reduction of 18 dB over a broadband spectrum under the given boundary conditions. The edges of the technical stage were enclosed with Cisilent® Type E sound insulation. In cooperation with the Meier company, it was determined where fixed Cisilent® elements were arranged and where movable Cisilent® elements were necessary as a curtain system. The pipe penetrations were given a slot to the edge, which was closed with Velcro strips after installation. The absorbent side of Cisilent® was turned towards the machines to break the reflection from the hall roof.
Through good coordination, a functioning enclosure was created under difficult boundary conditions, which not only fulfils the requirements for sound insulation, but also satisfies aesthetic requirements. The professional planning and assembly by Meier Metallbau & Konstruktionstechnik had a decisive influence on the overall result.