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Masaryk Project, Prague

An impressive new building is being constructed in the centre of Prague: the multifunctional complex Masaryk Center, designed by the famous architect Zaha Hadid. The building complex, which is scheduled for completion in 2023, is located in the immediate vicinity of the historic Masaryk railway station.

The adjacent rail traffic causes vibrations and secondary airborne noise. To ensure the comfort of the people inside the building, a protective measure is required. This is done by elastically decoupling the building from the transmission medium underground.

Calenberg offers an effective solution with elastic bearings. Civerso A and Cisador® 80 were used for this project. The bearings were installed laterally on the perimeter insulation of the UG outer wall to a depth of -8.8 m. Civerso A from 0.0 to -3.0 m and Cisador® 80 subsequently to -8.8 m. The total area is approx. 2600 m².