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Without cracks! Secure connection between wall and ceiling with Cigular® EcoLine slab bearing

Concrete is alive. During the setting process, concrete creeps and shrinks, influencing the load-bearing behaviour of the load-bearing walls. In the process, the ceiling moves by millimetres, which causes cracks in the masonry. Repairing them is time-consuming and cost intensive. To counteract the risk of cracks, Calenberg Ingenieure has developed an innovative product: The Cigular® EcoLine slab bearing.

Our new product, which has been approved by the building authorities, consists of an elastomeric EPDM core with round studs, which has proven itself in construction practice over many years, and a sheathing made of PE foam. The innovative dovetail connection system allows an easy installation by simple fitting together of the elements. The self-adhesive layer on one side ensures a secure and stable position during installation.

The Cigular® EcoLine slab bearing is available in core widths of 35, 60, 83 and 106 mm. The total width of the product measures 400 mm and the bearing thickness 10 mm.

The benefit for our customers (planners, structural engineers, engineers, construction companies and building owners) besides cost-effectiveness, is short delivery times, quick and easy installation, but also durability. In addition, our product is non-wearing and approved by the building authorities (Z-16.32-479).

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