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New brochures and data sheets

Fresh from the creative forge, our new product brochures in the field of static elastomeric bearings (bearings for structural support) have arrived. The Perforated™ bearing type Z and Ciparall® sliding bearing, which are approved by the building authorities, have a new design and provide you with information e. g. about the products, their areas of application, approvals, information about installation and reference examples.

The steel-reinforced Perforated™ bearing Type Z is used in all areas of construction as permanently elastic articulating connection element. It is also used for highly loaded components in the bearing area.

The Ciparall® sliding bearing is used in all areas where a point-floating, low-constraint horizontal displacement and a permanently elastic, articulated connecting element is required. The combined sliding and deformation bearing has an independently acting sliding and deformation layer.

Technical data can be found for the Perforated™ bearing in the data sheet. The data sheet for Ciparall® sliding bearing is still in preparation and will be available shortly.

For questions and designs relating to the products get in touch with our team of experts: baulager@calenberg-ingenieure.de.

All information about the Perforated™ bearing and the Ciparall® sliding bearing is available online.