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Construction project Bayerstraße, Munich

A new office and commercial building with underground car park is being built in the immediate vicinity of Munich‘s main railway station. Completion is planned for 2025.

Since Q4 in 2022, an office and commercial building has been under construction on the site at the corner of Bayerstraße and Schillerstraße. Underneath the building, the U1/U2 underground line runs parallel to Schillerstraße as well as the U4/U5 under Bayerstraße. The new building will be founded considerably deeper and thus move much closer to the underground tunnel tubes. Furthermore, several tram lines still run in Bayerstraße. From the forecasts and assessments based on on-site measurements and structural dynamic building modelling, an elastic bearing was dimensioned for the building to protect it from vibrations and structure-borne sound waves - or immissions.
Calenberg Cisador® types and Cimax® are fully area laid under the base plate. On the basement wall, the Calenberg Cisador® types and Ciflex R25 are used for partial areas.