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Ready to use our new product?

After more than a year of development and an intensive testing phase, Calenberg has developed elastomeric bearings with different Cistep® types as a sound insulation measure for stairs.

Cistep® is thus ready for its application. We are sharing a preliminary info on the application with you today.

Cistep® stair bearings can be used to construct sound-insulating connections between in-situ concrete and pre-fabricated flights of stairs. Cistep® bearings provide a sound-bridge-free separation between the flight of stairs and the landing and staircase wall, thus ensuring high impact sound insulation and a high degree of living comfort. The different designs can be combined with one another to meet requirements and guarantee effective impact sound protection for all types of stairways.

To name just a few advantages:
- Soundproofing values tested to the latest version of DIN 7396
- Compliance with increased sound insulation requirementsup to sound insulation level III as per VDI 4100 and up to DEGA Class A
- Suitable for F90 structures as per DIN 4102
- Simple installation with integrated adhesive tapes
- Easy trimming to size on site