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Cisilent® as noise protection measure for major construction site in Basel

A new residential area is being developed on the site of the Felix Platter Hospital in Basel. Over the next two years, a total of 500 new flats are to be built: a large part of them in new buildings, the remaining third in the converted hospital building. In the process, the outer appearance of the listed hospital building is to be completely preserved. For the planned excavation work of the new residential superstructure, noise protection measures had to be taken for the adjacent residential and office building of the nursing staff.

To reduce the high noise pollution caused by excavators and the many trucks arriving and departing, a noise barrier was installed using mobile Cisilent® Type E noise protection elements on the Ebi concrete blocks supplied on site. This ensured that the nursing staff could go about their daily work undisturbed. Our partner Schubarth supervised the project and used Cisilent® type E for sound and noise reduction.