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Cisilent® offers optimum sound insulation for demolition work in Munich

The Munich Harlaching Clinic wants to create space for various departments and an emergency center with a new building. A meeting place for visitors and patients on the roof terrace is also being planned. The anticipated construction phase of the modern new clinic building is expected to take 4.5 years.

© Sauer BAU
After the relocation of all departments, demolition work began on the old building. The demolition of the 5-storey building was carried out by the company Sauer BAU. About 25,100 m³ of reinforced concrete and masonry had to be removed.

The underlying noise protection concept required measures to ensure that patients, visitors and staff in the surrounding clinic were protected from the demolition noise.

A facade scaffold was erected on the building, which is over 20 m high. On the one hand, it served as a working platform for the demolition work and on the other hand as a substructure for the Cisilent® Type E noise barrier. The new rental variant of the proven Cisilent® Type E is adapted to the size of scaffolding bays and is attached to the scaffolding poles with straps. This meant that demolition could begin floor by floor from the top. Attractive rental and delivery conditions enabled Sauer BAU to use the Cisilent® noise protection system efficiently.

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