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Effectively reduce noise and sound with mobile Cisilent® noise barriers!

In Switzerland, our partner Schubarth rented the mobile noise barriers Cisilent® type E to use them for noise and sound reduction.

Photo © Schubarth + Co AG
The project in detail:
Nagra is investigating a maximum of 23 suitable sites in Switzerland for the construction of a deposit for the long-term and safe disposal of disused fuel rods. This deposit is to be constructed deeply within the clay rock. In the Riedacker area of Bözberg, deep drilling to a depth of approx. 800 m is now being carried out for geological investigations. Two triplex pumps required for the drilling operation caused excessive noise levels, which was not reasonable for the residents living adjacent to the construction site. A measurement by the responsible authorities showed that a noise reduction of +10 dB was necessary and required suitable noise and sound insulation measures.

A U-shaped scaffolding was erected around the two triplex pump containers. This was necessary so that the light and flexible Cisilent® Type E noise protection elements could be fixed by means of straps to the scaffolding. The enormous absorption capacity of the sound-absorbing side of Cisilent® was facing the pumps. This prevented reflection going over the shielding and reduced noise pollution for the workers working on the pumps. The subsequent measurements carried out by the authorities showed that the required noise reduction was also met as a result.

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