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floating slab track for track triangle in Cologne

he KVB looks for an effective technical solution to reduce vibrations and structure-borne noise at the track triangle and their transmission the neighbouring residential buildings.
In Cologne Weidenpesch the KVB is building a new depot for light rail vehicles. The feeder will be integrated into the lines 12 and 15 by means of a switch system.

Passing trams may cause vibrations which are then transmitted into the ground and affect the surrounding buildings. To protect the residents from these vibrations, a mass-spring system was installed. The turnout system is supported by a continuous mass-spring system. For elastic decoupling, approx. 600 m² of Calenberg USM 2020 are used as floor and side mats. The floor mat is laid loosely on the concrete base. The side mat is fixed by means of a Z-profile. A rigid connection between the permanent way and the subfloor is interrupted by the mat.

The USM 2020 reduces the dynamic forces acting on the surroundings in such a way that the residents are effectively protected from vibrations.

More details and pictures about this project on the KVB website:
https://www.kvb.koeln/fahrtinfo/baustellen/abstellanlage/sachstand.html and