Practical experience gained, congratulations for getting a bachelor‘s degree

In September Mr. Simon presented his bachelor‘s thesis „FEM analysis of load bearing behavior in thermal separated joints including end plates“ in front of an interested audience at our site.
The final thesis was a cooperation between University Offenburg and Calenberg Ingenieure. In this paper an investigation took place, whether Eurocode 3‘s „Design of steel structures“ design algorithm of load bearing behavior in a thermal separated end plate connection is a realistic one, often the EC3 shows a very conservative calculation conception.

Results out of parametric studies in this thesis confirmed that stresses in the thermal separation layer have always been lower if computed with finite element methods than calculated with EC3 algorithm. This leads to a correction value with which the stresses due to EC3 can be scaled down. Highlight of the bachelor thesis is a formula for estimating the correction factor in which all geometrical and static parameters are includable. 

We cordially congratulate Mr. Simon for reaching bachelor’s degree in study path economic sciences and we wish all the best for the following master’s course in mechanical engineering. 
Calenberg Ingenieure offers students the opportunity to conclude their studies with a practice-oriented final thesis to obtain bachelor‘s or master‘s degree. These final theses help us to achieve further knowledge in the field of elastomeric products and thus further advance our product developments.

Students who are interested in such a thesis should contact Dipl.-Ing. Nikolas Jüngel (Juengel@Calenberg-Ingeneiure.de). Mr. Jüngel will also supervise you during the final thesis and integrate you into the company's processes. Please make sure that your university will do the supervising. We also welcome international applications.