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USM® G-1032

G-series USM® track mats have a fibre-reinforced chloroprene covering layer on the side facing the ballast or the concrete support slab. The chloroprene layer is resistant to abrasion, oil, ozone and the weather. The underside of the mat also has a chloroprene layer. The covering layers protect the intermediate insulating layer of bound rubber granules against mechanical damage, for example from the ballast. The outstanding characteristic of the granulate core is its very good dynamic properties.

Overlap strips are vulcanised on to the USM® track mats allow them to be butted up to one another tightly and without open joints. Serviceability of the track mats is guaranteed for the whole service life by the use of high-quality rubber compounds and rot-proof synthetic fabrics.


For ballasted track and slab track systems

Text of Tender document

Calenberg track mat USM® G-1032, of high-quality rubber compounds; abrasion-, oil-, ozone- and weather-resistant in accordance with DBS 918071 or DIN 45673, parts 5 and 7

  • Serviceability ≥ 60 years
  • Static modulus of subgrade reaction with preload s = 0,020 - 0,100 N/mm², Cstat. = 0,020 N/mm³ ± 15%
  • Dynamic modulus of subgrade reaction with preload s = 0,060 N/mm² und 40 Hz, Cdyn. = 0,056 N/mm³ ± 15%

Manufactured width: approx. 1500 mm
Thickness: approx. 32 mm
Mass per unit area: approx. 20 kg/m²
Price: €/m²
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