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USM® 3000

The side of the profiled USM® track mat facing the ballast or concrete slab has a fabric-reinforced rubber covering layer that is resistant to abrasion, oil, ozone and the weather. On the underside of the mat are spring elements shaped like truncated cones, which are made of high-quality natural rubber mixtures. Their particularly good dynamic properties are very effective in isolating vibrations. Each cone deforms under load into the shape of a hemisphere, a shape which ensures an almost constant natural frequency for the superstructure under the load range encountered in all common applications. In contrast to non-profiled foamed products, this means the mats provide efficient protection against structure-borne sound and vibrations without any limits to functionality, not only under the standard test loads in laboratory-controlled conditions, but also under the actual loads generated by rail traffic. The conical studs are designed for a variety of load ranges depending on the particular USM® product to ensure that they are effective over the specific frequency ranges of each application profile.

The USM® track mats can be installed without joints due to overlapping strips which are vulcanised to the mats. Serviceability of the track mats is guaranteed for the whole service life by the use of high quality rubber compounds and synthetic rot-proof fabrics.


For ballasted track and slab track systems

Text of Tender document

Calenberg track mat USM® 2030, of high quality rubber compounds, abrasion, oil, ozone and weather resistant according to DBS 918071 or DIN 45673, part 5 + 7

  • Serviceability ≥ 60 years
  • Static modulus of subgrade reaction with preload s = 0,020 - 0,100 N/mm², Cstat. = 0,041 N/mm³ ± 15%
  • Dynamic modulus of subgrade reaction with preload s = 0,060 N/mm² und 40 Hz, Cdyn. = 0,084 N/mm³ ± 15%

Manufactured width: approx. 1536 mm
Thickness: approx. 27 mm
Mass per unit area: approx. 14,5 kg/m²
Price: €/m²
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